Muscle & Nerve Pathology


  • University neuropathology Specialist

  • Organ Specific Technical & Professional Expertise

  • Board Certified Pathologists

  • Rapid Turnaround Time

LSU Health Shreveport provides a comprehensive neuropathology program. Neuromuscular Pathology studies diseases of the nervous system and the muscles. Our neuropathology program features rapid results turnaround times, and comprehensive diagnostic analysis of muscle, nerve and autopsy brain analysis. LSU Health Shreveport has highly qualified staff to assist you with any question in this area.

Our Services

  • Muscle biopsy analysis
  • Nerve biopsy analysis
  • Surgical neuropathology consultations
  • Autopsy brain analysis

Our Pathology Team

Maria-Magdalena Georgescu, MD, MSc, Phd

Dr. Georgescu is on of the few investigators with an extensive expertise in both molecular neuro-oncology and neuropathology.

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Juan Mercado, M.D.

Dr. Mercado completed both his medical education and residency at The University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus.

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